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THINK LIKE A VC There's no silver bullet when it comes to raising capital, but getting into the mindset of a VC could help you get the right funding, at the right time. With a bit of grit, and a lot of know-how, your SaaS could be the next big unicorn. A business plan Mock-ups Product ideas Customer-base ideas At this stage, an investor is only going to invest for one of two reasons: 1) Proven entrepreneur at the helm 2) A very hot market Hypothesis Stage Ready to confront the market In this stage you need to validate that you can build a product. A product that people want to test, use and keep using. You’re not building a leaky bucket. You need to validate the marketing, too. You know: How to attract and where to acquire customers. Ask yourself: 1) Are people interested in my solution? 2) Do I understand their painpoints? 3) Are they ready to pay for it?

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