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Networking Our attendees come to SaaStock to meet their peers and grow their networks. Because of this, we put networking at the forefront of what we do. 2 0 2 3 From informal networking at one of our P o s social events, to 121 matchmaking through t - E v our app, our attendees walk away with e n hundreds of new contacts they can lean on t R e in their SaaS journey. p o r t For the 2023 event, we had almost 10,000 meetings requested over the course of 3 days in the SaaStock app, 2K more than 2022. “We've been sponsoring SaaStock for almost five years now, and we'll always come back... For the last event we got 3x ROI, and our lifetime ROI is over 10x.” 17 Bianca Dragan, Head of Brand, Paddle

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