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SaaStock Dublin 2023 Post Event Report


“The best SaaS conference for founders, execs & investors in Europe, period.” Christoph Janz, Managing Partner, Point Nine Capital Content Event Spotlight 03 Who Attended 16 2 0 2 3 P The SaaStock Experience 06 Networking 17 o s t - E v e SaaStock in Numbers 07 Dublin 2024 18 n t R e p Demographics 08 Our Startups & Partners 19 o r t SaaStock goes Global Social Media 09 21 Speakers at SaaStock 11 Contact Us 22 Highlights 13 02

Event Spotlight We were delighted to return to Dublin in 2 0 2 October 2023, to welcome the international 3 P SaaS community for three days of insightful o s t - keynote sessions, deep dive workshops and E v e bootcamps, and of course plenty of n t networking. R e p o r t SaaStock 2023 welcomed thousands of SaaS founders and executives, as well as key players from the investment sector. Over the course of three days, our attendees broke down the barriers between founders and investors, heard actionable tips from innovators who are walking the walk and talking the talk, and built up their personal networks of SaaS peers. 03

SaaStock Dublin was once again a buzzing hub for the SaaS ecosystem to connect and forge new partnerships. The event provided a much- needed forum for conversations around growth tactics, bootstrapping, fundraising and much more. As well as the two main conference days, 2 0 2 our pre-event programme included SaaS.City 3 P (a series of topic-specific bootcamps), our o s t - Startup Day Programme for SaaS companies E v e looking to scale, and Investock, our investor- n t only day for funds and financial institutions who R e p are actively investing in SaaS. o r “If you only make it to one European tech t SaaStock Dublin 2023 hosted 150 exhibitors as conference - choose SaaStock. Practical, they showcased their offerings in an exhibition relevant and immediately applicable spanning two halls. Our exhibit was home to takeaways for you and your startup." countless demos, activations, and lead Zoe Chambers, Partner, Frontline generation opportunities. 04

“The reason we sponsor SaaStock every year is because we know we're going to meet a lot of top-tier founders.” Nathan Latka, CEO, Founderpath Last but certainly not least, SaaStock wouldn't be SaaStock without a complement of vibrant networking functions. From our Opening Night Party, to our CMO and CFO Luncheons, to our 2 0 2 Women in SaaS brunch and more, SaaStock unified 3 P and celebrated the people dedicated to all things o s t SaaS, facilitating thousands of meaningful - E v connections to be made over the course of the e n t event. R e p o r As we look to 2024, we will use the success of this t 2023 edition as a springboard to deliver more inspiring content and powerful experiences. More than ever, we're committed to supporting founders and their teams build and scale their SaaS. Take it from us: SaaStock 2024 will be the place to be for SaaS leaders. See you again on 14-16 October, 2024 at the RDS in Dublin. 05

The SaaStock Experience 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t 06

SaaStock continued to attract a diverse group SaaStock in Numbers of international SaaS companies, from pre- seed to unicorns, as well as tech investors. Our attendees are more engaged than ever before! Total Attendees: 4,250 2 0 2 3 400+ 86 120 150 10K P o s t Meetings - E v Investors Startups Speakers Exhibitors e Requested n t 2K increase in R e p engagement o r t on 2022 A breakdown of attendance from our fringe events Fringe Events Women in SaaS Startup Day SaaS.City Investock SaaSociety Brunch 200 380 185 50 130 07

Finance Other 8% Founder 16% 23% Product Leadership 10% Investor 36% 10% JOB TITLE DEPARTMENT Customer Success 11% 2 VP/Director/Head of 0 C-Suite 2 21% 3 Sales 30% P 13% o Marketing s t 18% - E $0 - 10K $50M+ v e $10K - $100K 5% 10% n t 6% Other R e 4% North America $20M - $50M 1000+ p 1-10 $100K - $500K o 10% 11% 11% r 15% t 12% 501-1000 10% $10M - $20M ARR 11-20 11% COMPANY SIZE REGION 18% (No. Employees) $500K - $1M 101-500 15% 17% $5M - $10M 21-50 Europe 18% 51-100 $1M - $5M 15% 08 85% 13% 14%

“As a SaaS founder I can honestly say SaaStock is a great place to Social Media Buzz make meaningful and relevant connections.” Shifra Cook, Founder & CEO, Ayda 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t 09

“Meaningful conversations happen face- to-face, relationships are forged, and opportunities are accelerated.” Social Media in Numbers Patrick C ampbell, Founder & CEO, ProfitWell April 25th - October 25th (LinkedIn & Twitter: Six months leading up to S23 vs six months leading up to S22) (Instagram: 90 days leading up to S23 vs 90 days leading up to S22) 2 0 2 3 P 9,088 Reactions 778 Comments 486 Reposts o s t - E 44.58% 181.88% 60.40% v e n t R e p o r 252.9k Impressions 1586 Likes 346 Retweets t 66.14% 81.05% 57.99% 217,415 Accounts 773 Accounts 2,245 Content Reached Engaged Interactions 2418.71% 86.27% 74.71% 10

We had over 120 speakers at SaaStock Dublin 2023, representing some of the today’s most exciting SaaS companies and Speakers at SaaStock investors. 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E April Dunford Victor Riparbelli Lucie Buisson Amir Orad Kyle Poyar Dave Kellogg v e Founder & CEO Co-Founder & CEO Chief Product Officer Executive Chairman Partner EIR n Ambient Strategy Synthesia Contentsquare Sisense OpenView Balderton t R e p o r t Angeley Mullins Lloyed Lobo Nathan Latka Des Traynor Wes Bush Jonathan Anguelov CCO Co-Founder Founder & CEO Co-Founder & CSO Founder & CEO Co-Founder Resourcify Boast.AI & Traction Founderpath Intercom ProductLed Aircall 11

Speakers at SaaStock 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E Meghan Keaney Christoph Janz Evgenia Plotnikova Merve Nazlioglu Godard Abel Tony Jamous v e Anderson Co-Founder & Partner General Partner CMO & Partner Co-Founder & CEO Co-Founder & CEO n VP Marketing Point Nine Capital Dawn Capital Insider G2 Oyster t R Jasper e p o r t Davor Hebel Ze’ev Rozov Thibaut Ceyrolle Maddy Cross Asia Orangio Gregory Galant Managing Partner & COO Partner - Growth Partner Founder & CEO Co-Founder & CEO Head of Europe HiBob Acceleration Erevena DemandMaven Muck Rack 12 Eight Roads Atomico and many more...

e s c t n h e r g e i f l n h o C g i n i H a M 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t 13

s s t t n e h v g E i l e g h n i g r i F H 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t 14

2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t Congratulations to our 2023 winner 15

Who Attended SaaStock 2023 saw an impressive turnout of diverse and prominent companies, reflecting its industry-wide 2 0 2 significance. 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t and many more... 16

Networking Our attendees come to SaaStock to meet their peers and grow their networks. Because of this, we put networking at the forefront of what we do. 2 0 2 3 From informal networking at one of our P o s social events, to 121 matchmaking through t - E v our app, our attendees walk away with e n hundreds of new contacts they can lean on t R e in their SaaS journey. p o r t For the 2023 event, we had almost 10,000 meetings requested over the course of 3 days in the SaaStock app, 2K more than 2022. “We've been sponsoring SaaStock for almost five years now, and we'll always come back... For the last event we got 3x ROI, and our lifetime ROI is over 10x.” 17 Bianca Dragan, Head of Brand, Paddle

1 Bootst rap There’s room for more St age L L at Dublin ‘24 A H Space is already filling up at SaaStock 2 0 2 2024. To secure a premium spot that is 3 P aligned with your goals, get in touch o s t today. - E v e Download Prospectus n t R e HALL 4 p o r t G14 R 1-14 R 15-28 B1 GR 1-12 GR 13-24 GR 25 -36 GR 37-50 TO HALL 4 18

Thank you to all our 2023 Partners OFFICIAL TRAVEL PARTNER 22 00 22 33 PP oo ss tt -- EE vv ee nn tt RR ee pp oo rr tt 20 19

Thank you to all our 2023 Startup Program Partners 2 0 2 3 P o s t - E v e n t R e p o r t 19

Can’t wait for SaaStock Dublin 2024? Unlock opportunities at the local level and build deepened networks with SaaS Founders, Executives, and Investors in key 2 Returns May 13-15 2024 at the 0 2 target markets. 3 Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX P Amsterdam Istanbul o s t - E Athens Krakow v e n t Austin Lisbon R e This 2nd annual event is your gateway to p o Brussels London r North America’s most innovative SaaS t founders & investors. Bucharest Munich Dublin Paris If you want to position your tech in front of this key market, then get in touch Helsinki Toronto today to explore available options. Book Now Partner Us Find out more 21

GET IN TOUCH 2 0 Be part of the movement shaping the future of SaaS. 2 3 Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals in 2024. P o s t - E v e n t R e Daniel Burridge Lawrence Harrison p o SALES DIRECTOR r DIRECTOR OF PARTNERSHIPS t [email protected] [email protected] 22

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